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Weird sisters

Victoria Duffee, Abby Lloyd & Brigid Moore, curated by Charlie Roberts

The name of the show Weird Sisters derives from the Three Witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In the play the Three Witches posses the ability to straddle the border between reality and the supernatural. The Three Witches are also excellent examples of female stereotypes, a topic which the three artists explore in depth inside the fortress. 

Duffee, Lloyd and Moore are influenced by women’s roles in folklore and how these roles translate into reality. Each room in the gallery reflects notions of feminine imagery, colors, and symbols to create an unusual fairy-tale narrative. Metaphorically the space could represent a girl’s mind during development, a meandering space that encapsulates thoughts on beauty, ugliness, memories, fairy-tales, naivety, varying moods and emotion.

When entering the gallery the viewer is presented with a new exterior, an exterior reminiscent of a castle or fortress that conjures up childlike excitement. Behind every camouflaged wall is an individualized tableaux designed by each artist. The walls of the fortress create a labyrinth that the viewer must roam through to visit each distinct room.

Earlier Event: November 27
Summer Show Winnaars 2015
Later Event: January 16