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Anders Scrmn

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About the show:
When I was child I had 5 casette tapes with the Beach Boys. I must have listened to these tapes a thousand times. Songs about beaches, girls in bikinis, fast cars and motorcycles. It was basically all I listened to. It's ironic, in a sense, both comical and tragic, to imagine a 7 year old boy listening and dreaming of California while looking out the window as the Scandinavian rain is pouring down and darkness descending at 16.00 in the afternoon. The paintings in the show are about this particular moment when you realize that these dreams, and all these plans have changed and been substituted by something else. Maybe by acceptance, indifference, satisfaction or even sadness. These dreams and fantasies are always there - ready to be met by reality, and this specific meeting is one of my favourite things paint.

'Anders Scrmn Meisner is part of a long tradition starting with ‘Les Mots et les Images’ of Magritte, the ‘rebus’ of Broodthaers, the mystery of ‘Les femmes 100 têtes’ of Ernst on one side and the moral of Hogarth, the sarcasm of Daumier, the fantasy of McCay and the suspense of Pixar on the other side. In this short list we find painters and draughtsmen, poets and animation film makers but first of all we find narrators. And Anders Scrmn Meisner is a brilliant narrator. He is also a collector of rare species, a hunter of hidden treasures, a master of strange suspense and a jongleur of riddles. He is an astonishing encyclopaedist and the watchful guard of the key to a “Wunderkammer”, a chamber of marvels of the past, present and future. In the works of Anders Scrmn Meisner we find the superstition of the catholic Sevilla, the dry humor of the calvinistic Amsterdam, as well as the ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of life) of rainy Copenhagen; all three places where he lived and lives.' 

Text written by Dr. Harald Kramer (German collector, art professor and Curator).

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